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What Is Laser Tube Cutting Machine?

Our CNC Tube Laser cutting machine is an automatic CNC metal cutting machine using a Fiber Laser cutting power source for metal cutting on profiles such as box or square, round and special-shaped pipes made of stainless steel, carbon steel, mild steel, galvanized steel, iron, copper, brass, and aluminum, which is used for straight cutting, tangent, bevel cutting, perforation, 45 degree angle cutting, joint cutting, bevel splicing, and more metal pipe cutting projects & plans.

Our CNC Fiber Laser Tube is an automatic CNC pipe cutting system can also cut other shaped profiles such as oval pipes, rectangular tubes, triangular tubes, hexagonal tubes, elliptical tubes and some custom special shapes . Our unique cnc tube software combined with loading and unlaoding capablities make our machines the choice for metalwork fabrication workshops around the world.

Cut Part from a cnc tube laser cutting machine

The Mach Technologies range of tube laser cutting systems are the only solution for laser cutting with a vast variety of different tubular profiles & sections of various lengths, materials ,  diameters   and wall thicknesses.

For the ultimate productivity these machines can be fitted with an automatic loading system for processing of bundles and even with the option of a large tower so you can hold all your stock. These machines combined with our latest state of the art CNC Tube Laser software for processing and nesting software, developed specifically for CNC Tube cutting, these machines can produce many complex components in a variety of many different profiles, including round, square, oval & flat sided oval.

Optional software module are also available to integrate with your processing such as flat bar and open sided parts such angles/channel and other complicated profiles*

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Our CNC Tube Plaser and CNC Tube Plasma syeserm | Mach Technologies supply/service & install the very best in bespoke metal fabrication machinery to all manufacturing industries throughout the UK & Ireland ( Rest of Europe )
All our customers trust our decades of experience in the Metal Fabrication Industry to supply the very best machinery and systems for there business needs / requirements.Import your 3D CAD designs or create them from scratch with our CNC Tube CAD. Our CNC Tube Plasma CAD is able to import STEP & IGES files which are supported by most CAD softwares,
 including but not limited to  SOLIDWORKS®, AutoCAD®, Inventor®, PRO Engineer®, and etc. Once imported to our CNC Tube Plasma CAD, it will trace all your CAD geometry and convert it into a CAM ready file that can be read by the CNC Tube Plasma machine for CNC manufacturing.Our CNC Tube Laser/Plasma system softwares suit is an automated CAM/CNC product that understands tubing.
This software is exclusive to Mach Technologies machines and will automatically create your cutting, marking, and etching paths directly from Bend-Tech Dragon CAD by converting geometry into machine readable G-Codes. The CNC Tube Laser Software also comes with a nesting ability to allow several parts on the same stock tube.
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